In the latest batch of news regarding Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth we learn about Kyoko Kuremi (head of the Kuremi detective agency the protagonist joins), the game’s sub-quests and more!

We are told that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth‘s protagonist does not have a body but they are part of the real world. Kyoko Kuremi is a female detective who will help you out and takes you under her wing as an apprentice detective. Under Kuremi’s guidance you will take on various investigations, with the more cases solved earning you a higher promotion and more cases coming into the agency for you to work on.

Your character is a data body from the Cyber World, and the townspeople that see the hero’s suspicious-looking appearance panic. However, a woman driving a sports car appears and invites the protagonist to get inside and drive off towards a new fate.

Kyoko Kuremi is the head of the Kuremi Detective Agency, one that has earned the maximum trust of the police and takes care of Cyber World related incidents. Don’t let Kyoko’s looks deceive you, she has a boyish, always cool, dry personality. For as-yet unknown reasons, Kuremi does not have access to Cyberspace, but with the mysterious event that happened to the protagonist’s body, the duo team up in a give-and-take relationship to help in detective affairs.

Aside from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth‘s main quests, their will be a range of sub-quests available. Completing these additional ‘requests’ will see your reputation as a detective rise. These sub-quests include requests from Digimon who get lost in the real world, investigating mysterious occurrences in the town, amongst other scenarios. There are times when your client’s Digimon will join you to assist in the investigation and aide you in battle. Solving these cases may help you solve the mystery of your new body.

Alongside all of this info, a batch of new screenshots were released for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth which you can view below. Be sure to check the site regularly for all the news regarding this title as and when we have it!

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