Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy Agito+ has been delayed, meaning the game will not release on the initially planned release date of January 15th 2015.

Final Fantasy Agito+, a port of the smartphone game Final Fantasy Agito, has been delayed due to Square Enix finding technical issues with the title. The release date has now been set to ‘TBA’ and Square Enix has promised that they will fix the issue and work on improving the overall quality of the game.

Although a new release date has not been announced, Square Enix say that they will do all that they can to bring us new information on the title, including a new release date and info on a limited edition version of the game.

Keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all news regarding Final Fantasy Agito+ as and when we have it.

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  • chebob69

    has it been announced for NA and EU? I missed that.

    • Pata

      No, it hasn’t been announced for a Western release. However, with the FF brand being strong in the West and the cheapness of bringing a digital release, I really doubt why SE wouldn’t let this release in the West unless it needs to be localizated

    • Fed

      Yeah, this wasn’t even on my radar 😛 Anyway… I’m off back to Feedom Wars! (^_^)

  • R.W.K.T.

    Well… We Need More Titles Like Freedom Wars. I Mean, First We “Lost” Phantasy Star Online 2… And Now We Might Not Be Getting Final Fantasy Agito. Heck… At LEAST We Have Freedom Wars, Because I Really Hated Soul Sacrifice And Ragnarok Odyssey And I Was Slowly Giving Up On The Whole Vita Thing Since It Was Leaning Heavily Towards All Those Indie-Hipster Developers And Their Retro-8 Bit Trash.

  • Phelan

    Ow well… don’t care about mobile phone ports :/ won’t cry if it won’t appear in EU.

    the only Vita title I expect from SE is Type-0… other than that, nothing. I don’t really need on Vita scraps from tables. I’m not desperate.

    Anyway Agito got delayed after they noticed how poorly Chaos Rings sold in Japan (another mobile phone port). not suprising, not suprising one bit. It wouldn’t be suprising if year later from TBA the status will be changed to “cancelled”

    Anyway… if anyone missed
    Agito is really simplified to minimum Type-0, there is no world map, you only pick up fights like in monster hunter and automaticly start battle (so yeah… it’s not even monster hunter where you can move around the area)… is it really something you would want? I mean say frankly… is it?! Apart from the name “final fantasy” there is nothing great in this game. Probably nobody would even bother if it wasn’t FF.

    • Nonscpo

      Agreed after the Type-O fiasco Im not looking forward to anything coming out of Square Enix for the Vita. Not that I ever cared for most of their products to begin with though.

      • Phelan

        Well I did care… after all for about twenty years I was fan of Square Soft and Enix. I loved secret of mana, loved FF on PSX and later on PS2 (apart from FF XII which was bad :/)

        That is why I can’t stand too watch what they are doing with their games.

        Most of their games are either autoplay titles (Chaos Rings 3) or cashgrabs like All the Bravest or G-Bike (now come on… anyone want to deny that All The Bravest or G-Bike are cash grabs?). Let’s not forget their crappy ports… they ported nearly everything they could… Draqon Quest and FF games… even tactics can be played on mobile phones now :/

        Nearly all titles coming from SE to vita are F2P… isn’t it fishy?

        • Nonscpo

          “Nearly all titles coming from SE to vita are F2P… isn’t it fishy?”…Id argue its just lazy porting on their end, especially when you consider its still the first year of the 8th gen consoles. Youd think they would want to support the 3DS and Vita more given the time period and install bases.

  • Buckybuckster

    If we were talking Type 0, I’d be rather upset and somewhat disappointed. As we are talking Agito+, I’m rather unaffected and somewhat disinterested.