The PS Vita and PlayStation TV now support DLNA. It seems that the European and Asian PlayStation Stores now have the new Network Media Player app which can be used to stream your video or music servers from your PC to your PS Vita or PlayStation TV.

As you can see from the pictures, the app is very slick and NeoGAF user Jannax notes that you can scroll through the options pretty fast. If you’d rather have your media locally, there’s an option for that too. You can copy over the items housed in the media server to your PS Vita’s memory card.

Unfortunately, the Network Media Player app does not work in the background, so you’ll have to resort to the Vita’s music app or Sony’s Music Unlimited service for those moments when you want to game with your tunes blaring in the background.

As Brad noted last month when the application was announced, it’s interesting to see that this is nowhere to be found in North America. We’re curious about what exactly is holding up the app’s localization or if the application will make its way over to the western side of the pond at all. In any case, you can be sure we’ll keep you updated.

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  • Jeremy Hansel Gonzal

    get this to North America! pleeez!!!!

  • Hopefully this gets to NA soon, I’m dying to watch some movies before bed on my Vita.

  • Stefarno

    You aren’t missing much, hardly any video file formats work.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      If you use a good DLNA server, it’ll transcode on the fly – so video formats don’t matter.

      • Stefarno

        But only if they can transcode to a compatible format. It doesn’t work with Plex, I’m not sure if you know of a better DLNA server that would work.

        More info here:

        • Jessey

          Wait wait wait, it doesn’t work with Plex?

          • Stefarno

            I meant the transcoding doesn’t work with Plex, should have been a bit more clear!

            Plex works, as in the video will play if it’s in the exact mp4 format and codec the Vita will support. If it’s not in that, it won’t play.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          I’m currently using an old version of TVersity to stream incompatible video to my PS3, I haven’t tried it on Vita as I CBA to do the work to get my EU account on there at the moment – but it hasn’t ever failed me with any device, as long as I set it correctly.

  • Fed

    I downloaded this last week but it doesn’t work very well. I just stick to the Content Manager app that’s already on the Vita. That already streams any video I have on my laptop 🙂

  • Trulahn

    After all this time, still not in the US. PSN in US only wants us to use those pay services like Netflix and Hulu.