New character, Aragami Beast and more revealed by Famitsu

Over the past month we have brought you a bundle of news regarding Bandai Namco Games upcoming God Eater 2 expansion, Rage Burst. A few weeks ago we informed you that the RPG will be released in Japan on February 19th 2015 and now Famitsu has revealed further details on awesome new additions.

The first is of a new character, who interestingly doesn’t seem to have any eyebrows. Asides from the lack of facial hair, this new character goes by the name of Issac Feldman and is the Director of administration bureau of information management at Fenrir (the organisation assigned to destroy the Aragami beasts)

The next addition is that of a new Aragami. This new monster attacks with its sharp claws and by using its ability to engulf an area in blue flames. To add to its sinister look, it wears a cape and floats.

Lastly, new elements to existing game features have been announced. Camp scenes will be added to the free DLC survival mission from the original game, and allow you to relax, prepare for future fights and chill with your teammates between battles. Spending more time with your team will allow you to craft their abilities to your liking, by using the new ‘Personal Ability’ system. This is done by gaining ‘Ability Points’ which are acquired by bringing your companions on missions. This allows your teammates to gain new abilities and will increase your teams overall power!

Once again, there is still no news on a western release of God Eater 2: Rage Burst. But we shouldn’t give up hope completely, as the original God Eater was only released in the west when the expansion was included.

Rage Burst

When more details are announced, you can bet that TVL will be the first on the scene to fill you in.

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