Murder mystery audio novel Higurashi When They Cry is coming as a complete edition to PlayStation Vita, courtesy of publisher Kaga Create.

This week’s Famitsu has outed the existence of Higurashi When They Cry Sui – an enhanced re-release of the original title including all expansions and tons of new content. The PlayStation Vita version of the game contains all of the scenarios from the previously released home versions, as well as full voice-overs, three new songs, a skip function, a game version of the “Hajisarashi Chapter” and a swimsuit CG for each character.


Originally launched on PC in 2002, Higurashi When They Cry Sui is set to launch in Japan on March 12th – with no word on a Western release.

  • BRS25

    I loved the anime!

  • Would love to see it released in the west.

  • Nonscpo

    So would this be the re-release enhanced version that Mangagamer stated they were gonna release on PC?