This week’s Famitsu has revealed new Gunpla that will be playable in upcoming PlayStation Vita title Gundam Breaker 2.

The newcomers that are revealed are Duel Gundam and Blitz Gundam from Gundam Seed. Duel Gundam is highly versatile, with all parts usable across the board whilst Blitz Gundam can use a ‘Mirage Colloid’ cloaking system to evade enemies.


Releasing in Japan on December 18th, Famitsu has also revealed a range of firearms that will be available in the Gundam Breaker 2. These include a rifle, double rifle, machine gun, long rifle, Gatling gun, and a bazooka.

That is all we have on Gundam Breaker 2 for now, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge as we will bring you further news on this game as and when it happens!