Koei Tecmo Europe has announced a final release date for Atelier Ayesha Plus on their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Atelier Ayesha is the first game in the Atelier “Dusk” series, which follows the young alchemist Ayesha Altugle in search for her little sister Nio.

As an enhanced port of the PlayStation 3 version, it contains some extra features and content such as new missions, bosses from Atelier Escha & Logy, new costumes and dual audio voice-overs.

Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk will be released digitally in North America on January 13th and in Europe on January 14th.

  • Phelan

    Another digital only…. nope I’m going to pass.

    Bought 3 previous… but enough is enough.

    • simon askew

      Better get used to it; digital only is going to happen. It won’t be long now until we see the end of physical media altogether.

      • Phelan

        Why should I? I am the customer, I have right to be picky. If they will piss me off, I will just switch to 3DS. Look, at least Nintendo knows that retails are bloody important for handhelds. They either force publisher to release it, or they just release it by themselves.

        Digital games are absurd, I don’t understand how anyone is willing to buy it. I really don’t. For me it is just weird, like throwing money into something which doesn’t even exist.

        Consoles are not place for digital only crap.

        They want my money? Than sorry for them, but they need to try harder. They exist for us customers…

    • novurdim

      And I’m still going to buy as I really don’t want them to stop releasing games on Vita.

    • Ichigo Yoite

      Although I think you are right (and you know that I prefer physical too) I decided to maintain a balance between physical and digital versions. Some games (like Freedom Wars) should not be digital only – and I would have skipped them if it they were. Then there are titles that may not be released in Europe when only going for physical. I import those when I really want to have a physical edition (Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for example) – or I buy them digitally. The Atelier series is digital only for me because I think they are not worth importing. The good part about digital is the weekly price drop – you can get some games REALLY cheap when you are patient enough to wait for those to happen.

      You can also save the games on your PC so even when they are at some point not available online anymore you still got them.

      The Problem is if we skip all digital games we MAY not get some niche games in the future because the publishers might think Europeans don’t usually play those kind of games. Since I’m importing some games I’m basically not supporting european sales too I know but at least I’m getting SOME digitals (to ease my mind :P).

      Oh and one more thing Phelan – I got my physical Freedom Wars Edition from Amazon.de (as you know) and I really didn’t get the preorder DLC……………….should have taken a closer look at it when the release date approached……damn! -.-

      • Phelan

        Oh bit shame about Freedom Wars… well… frankly speaking I never ever used those things in free DLC. That formal wear is OK, but there are plenty of better costumes. All in all I think that you don’t have anything to worry.

        Oh and if you wanted that daft-punk helmet… well… there are similar things unlocked when you reach CODE-8.

        About retail and digitals… no… this is bit more complicated. Because by buying you show them that it is right way of relasing games. If it sells… than why even bother with retails? I mean they DO earn way more on ONE COPY sold by digital route. In case of physical goods they earn about 30-35% of retail price. So it obvious that they prefer to sell games digitally.

        I have no obligation to buy digital games, sorry… if they will decide that they won’t bring any more games… than so be it. If I have 2 games to choose, one with retail and another with digital only copy…. than bah… It’s no brainer for me, I will always pick game with physical copy.

        That’s how it was in my case with Demon Gaze. I wanted to buy Conception 2 instead…. but all in all, bastardATLUS decided to release digital only… You see? I didn’t lose anything, I still got to play and have fun… they did, they lost my money. I picked up Demon Gaze instead… and frankly speaking I don’t regret anything. Will I buy Conception 2 someday? Yeah… probably I do… but I will deliberately buy used copy, so that they won’t earn on me.

        And like I said, if Atelier won’t be released on Vita anymore…. than ow well… I will deal with it, I will pick another game from NISA. I still have choice!

        I bought 3 Atelier games… I played only 1. Digital games for Vita are soo much hassle… that it is just not worth it. I don’t like removing anything from my memory card, and I have very big collection of PSP/PSX. I hate downloading anything from SONY servers, because it works like a crap. I need wait 1.5 -2 hours to download like what 1.5 GB? Are you serious?! I download things like this on my PC in 10 minutes.

        And you don’t own anything when you “buy” digital games, PSN is just rental service… that’s what it is.

        So really… sorry but I won’t ever understand why people are buying digital games. If it cost 5 EUR, ok…. that’s the price I am willing to pay… But 20 EUR and more? There are better ways to spend that money.

  • simon askew

    I have all the vita released versions on vita, as Ichigo states, it is better to have digital only than not at all. I used to be all for physical but after a while you just get bogged down with tones of cases. Now what I do is throw out my standard cases and keep the discs in zip cases, this saves lots of room and keeps the place tidy.

    however there are times when a special edition crops ups that I have to have, persona q on 3ds is a good example.

    all in all I like having digital versions as I dont have to keep swapping out games or have to worry about damaging or losing them.

    I agree that there is a place for both physical and digital only but, similar to the music industry, discs will eventually be replaced, in the large part by digital only.

    Still, if vinyl still has a place along with cds and digital only, maybe, in special edition format physical games can exist too.