We were recently contacted by Kalio, a game studio from Uruguay who are bringing their first title, Ring Run Circus to the Vita next week.

Launching at $9.99 the title is stylised as a “ring-former”, an action/puzzle game set in a dream world of connected rings. Using three different acrobats – Ninan, Ned and Nelson – and using their unique abilities you need negotiate a world filled with puzzles, animals and hazards.

Ciro from the studio explained a little more on the PlayStation Blog.
The goal of each level is to grab the colorful key and get to the exit door as quickly as possible leaving no stars behind. The controls are quite simple; one button to ride on the outside or inside of the rings, and another one to activate each acrobat’s special ability: Nina jumps, Ned punches, and Nelson triggers mechanisms to move rings around.

Don’t let the seemingly simple controls deceive you, though. There is enough challenge waiting, not only for your skill — proper timing to change rings, slapping enemies, jumping — but also for your wits: these puzzles are taken from the dreams of a bunch of mad men after all.

We will bring you a review as well as news on a EU release as soon as we can, but until then why not have a watch of the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments?

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks interesting. It could be fun.