Developer Steel Wool Games reveals that their fly-swatting platformer will be arriving on Vita late November. 

It has been quiet on the Flyhunter front over the past couple of months, but we finally have new details! Developer Steel Wool Games and distributor Ripstone have revealed that their platformer will be landing on PS Vita this month. The game was originally given a release window of summer 2014, but will finally released within the next couple of weeks on the PS Store for £4.99/$6.99/€6.99.

Though it is the debut title from Steel Wool Games, their team consists of artists with a combined total of 60 years experience in the animation industry. Their credits include work on the animated Pixar classics Brave, The Incredible, Toy Story, Monsters University and Ratatouille. So expectations are high for the finished product. You can get a better idea of how the game will look by watching the short video below, which includes cutscenes and gameplay footage.

In Flyhunter Origins, you play as clumsy space ship janitor Zak an alien from the planet Burgarol 3, whose dream is to become a legendary Flyhunter. He works on the universes most renown Flyhunter ship, which (naturally) is named ‘The Frog’.

The game begins whist ‘The Frogs’ crew are in cyro sleep, when somehow the ships precious cargo of rare insects are mysteriously jettisoned into space, eventually crash landing on earth. As the legendary Flyhunters are all in cyro sleep, it is up to Zak to save the day, and swap his brush for a awesome fly swatter!

A creative plot, but can Flyhunter Origins stand out from the platforming crowd on PS Vita? Time will tell! Will you be picking up Flyhunter Origins when it releases in the next few weeks? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Lester Paredes

    I don’t know… I saw a video on IGN of in not running very well last month or so. I’ll see if I can finally d it and post a link. I’ll take a wait and see approach to this one, for now. Hopefully, they’ve got all their kinks worked out.

  • Michael Rogers

    Let’s hope they’ve fixed the bugs IGN highlighted. Okay yeah, pun intended!