We get more in-depth information on FuRyu’s Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: Memory of the Sea of Trees.

Here’s the story explanation from the post at Gematsu (I didn’t want to butcher it in paraphrasing);

“Yuna Yuki is a second year student at Sanshu Middle School. She’s a bright, colorful, and ordinary girl full of energy who belongs to the “Hero Club,” where everyone is always in high spirits.

At the center of the club is Fu Inubozaki, a third year student and Yuna’s senior. The club’s activities consist of things that benefit everyone, which can range from looking for a kitten’s foster parents and helping out a nursery school.

But the girls of the Hero Club have a real mission not known to regular people. In the ‘Forest,’ a space which ordinary people don’t know of, the girls do battle against the mysterious beings known as ‘Vertex.’

Only the girls—the chosen heroes—can enter the “Forest” to stop the enemy invasion and save mankind… or so it was thought. Recently, conditions in the Forest have gotten a little weird and a space that was originally only meant for the girls and Vertex seemingly opens up to a mysterious new presence.”

Sounds interesting, right?

Well to get a better handle on how the game plays, they’ve also told us that it consists of two main parts – the action bits and the event bits;

  • Action bits involve you picking a character and running freely around an open battlefield, defeating the enemy Vertex and protecting the city. Your battle strength is determined by the bonds you forge with your partners.
  • Event bits involve the everyday life of the members of the Hero Club, featuring an original story which was not included in the anime. This original story was supervised by the series’ creator Takahiro and the anime company Studio Gokumi, and happens to include the same voice actors as the anime across over 70 different fully-voiced scenes. Confirmed characters from the anime include Yuna Yuki, Mimori Togo, Fu Inubozaki, Itsuki Inubozaki, and Karin Miyoshi.

Coming in a limited edition version featuring a drama CD, ‘special booklet,’ bath poster, smartphone decorative seal, changeable package jacket and special packaging for 9,480 yen (~$83 US), the game will be available February 25th in Japan.

Check out these new screenshots before you go;

It’s also worth noting that those who pre-order the game will also receive an ‘original mini-clear file,’ so get on it if you’re interested!