Dan Teasdale – one half on indie studio No Goblin – has taken to the EU Blog to announced their Roundabout game is set to land on PS4 and PS Vita.

He explains:
What’s Roundabout? It’s a ’70s B-movie game where you get to drive a constantly spinning limousine. As famed revolving limousine driver Georgio Manos you’ll drive around the open world of Roundabout picking up passengers, finding collectibles, competing in challenges, buying hats, and much more! We’re using a cutting edge next-gen technique called “full motion video” to recreate and render each passenger that rides in Georgio’s limo with lifelike accuracy.”

Dan say that the game will be Cross-buy, Cross-play and “and really anything else that we can find that starts with the word ‘Cross’”. We will bring you more news on the game as we have it, but those that are heading to the PlayStation Experience next month can gets some hands on with Roundabout at the No Goblin booth, until then why not follow the game on Twitter and let us know what you think in the comments?

  • aros

    Awesome. Hopefully we will see lots more announcements too. Next year’s retail slate is pretty empty. Surely they can announce 2 or 3 B titles for next Christmas.

  • BDawg

    Hilarious game! Not sure if I will get it though. It is yet another case like Rogue Legacy, The Swapper and Lone Survivor where the game is awesome, but I know that because I already own the PC version. Doesn’t make sense to buy it again. At least with Binding of Isaac it was a revised edition. :/

  • Steve Jaworski

    Iiiinteresting! Got my eye on this one.