Grab your lance and mount your horse because the jousting-based game Shake Spears! is coming to the PS Vita. While already available for mobile devices, it will be releasing for the Vita and PS3 today in Europe.

Shake Spears! puts you in the saddle of a knight who is looking to earn the love a beautiful maiden. In order to prove your worth, you must battle a number of competing suitors. Players will win gold following a successful joust which can then be used to upgrade armor and weapons or to purchase spells for use in future matches.

There will be three main game modes and players will be able to choose from career, survival, and multiplayer. The career mode will introduce a number of RPG elements and allow you to move up the ranks of your class, improving from mechanic up to alchemist. You will fight across four worlds and 20 cities to earn the love of a beautiful lady. There will also be a number of customization options to allow you to create the perfect knight for you.

Survival mode will have you fighting a series of opponents that will gradually increase in difficulty. This will help you hone your skills with the lance and get you ready to take on your friends in the multiplayer mode.

Look for Shake Spears! in the EU store when it updates later today. The game will be free to play and coin packs can be purchased at an additional cost.


  • aros

    Sounds pretty awful and is pretty awful if it’s the mobile game I have tried.