A new feature-rich update for Spelunky is now available for download. The 1.05 update brings some of the new features that were introduced with the PS4 version of the game over to the Vita as well as providing full support for the PlayStation TV.

Aside from the usual bug fixes that are included in the update, the main new features revolve around the Daily Challenges. Now Vita players will be able to see their friend’s ghost in the challenge at the point where they died. You will also be able to watch recorded replays of other players’ Daily Challenge runs directly from the leaderboards. This gives players a useful new learning tool as beginners can now watch more skilled players do a run and learn a thing or two. The replay feature also has a VHS style Fast Forward function to allow you rapidly skip through the replay to get to a specific point.

PlayStation TV owners can now play local games with up to four players.

So if you haven’t played Spelunky in quite awhile (like me), you may want to give it another try and check out the newly added features. These new features are also available for the PS3.

  • Marcus Blackstock

    Really fantastic update, replay feature is super useful. I just hope they add sloths next.