Klaus wakes up in a basement with a lot of questions on his mind. Where is he? How did he get here? Who is he? And why is KLAUS tattooed on his arm? These are the questions that titular character will have to answer in the new puzzle-platformer Klaus which is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in 2015. 

Klaus will be an interactive puzzle game with a strong focus on narrative that will have the player collecting clues to unravel the secrets of the past. Along the way Klaus will meet K1, another prisoner with a propensity for destruction, and the two will need to work together to make it out alive.

Players will be able to control both characters as well as interact with the environment to explore this mysterious world and make it through the non-linear experience. This will also include Klaus breaking the fourth wall to interact with the player.

The developer has also highlighted that quite a bit of the game will revolve around the use of touch and will be necessary in order to make it through the world. Players will need to rotate platforms and jump pads to make it across pits with spikes and other obstacles.

A demo of Klaus for the PS Vita and the PS4 will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas on December 6-7. If you’re planning on attending and have a chance to give it a play, let us know what your impressions are.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting. I hope they pull off a good game. And make it PSTV compatible, that’d be nice. Yes, touch is necessary, but it can still be done!