We get an early look a the opening cinematic from the upcoming Nippon Ichi published harem RPG Great Edo Blacksmith.

The newly released cinematic from the game shows off the three females the protagonist can choose to go after romantically (Kiyohana, Yugiri and Asaka) as well as showing off hints of the dungeon environments with some beautiful artwork.

Check it out;

Great Edo Blacksmith is set to release November 27th in Japan, with no news on a Western localization.

  • EndRant

    This game actually looks pretty good, i guess I gotta deal with all the fan service touch crap.

  • Unfortunately NIS has no plan to bring to the west that title

    • Nonscpo

      Really when did they anounce that? I was sure this game would be localized you know considering that Criminal Girls is getting localized.

      • Because I asked them. Nisa sent me back an email telling this :
        Actually it’s not a definitive “no” but for now there is nothing planned

        • Nonscpo

          Wow that seems pretty strait forward if you ask me, Hey Nichegamer staff somebody might want to update the article or post a new one!