We get a nine-minute look at SEGA’s upcoming Phantasy Star Nova, as well as details on the game’s collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles 3.

The brand new SEGA-released trailer introduces you to the game’s concept of survival, character creation, quests, Gigantes enemies, abilities, multiplayer, collaborations, and tons more over a nine-minute long montage of cinematics and in-game footage.

Check it out below;

Aside from that awesome trailer release, there’s also the announcement of a fourth game collaboration for Phantasy Star Nova – this time involving Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Valkyria Chronicles 3 joins the other collaborations announced previously, including Resonance of Fate (launching December 4th), Star Ocean IV (launching December 11th), and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (launching December 18th).


Phantasy Star Nova is set to release November 27th in Japan, with four great collaborations already announced!

  • I’m playing the demo and it’s the best already game on my vita !

  • EndRant

    Collaboration as in skins? Damn you, I thought it was a new game. Eh, were never gonna get the states anyway.

  • Lester Paredes

    Ah, Valkyrie Chronicles 3. How I’ve wished you’d been allowed to come over to play. Now that you’ve teamed up with Phantasy Star Nova, I see you never showing up in my neck of the woods.