Canadian developer Mobeen Fikree posted on the EU Blog to explain a bit out his upcoming title from his Vertex Pop studio. Known as “We are Doomed”, the game is incredibly colourful and vibrant twin stick shooter where you are equipped with a ridiculously overpowered short range laser beam.

Having such a limited range with your laser means that you will need to get involved with eradicated those enemies, hanging back simply isn’t going to get you anywhere. What will help is the ability to charge your laser into a superbeam, which will obliterate everything that it touches, although you are vulnerable whilst it is being used.

Mobeen explains:”The entire game is built on a risk/reward mentality. Every mechanic is designed to make throwing yourself into danger and dashing across the arena to collect Trinkets (the purple cubes) pay off. It makes for a fast-paced game of constantly evaluating your options while maintaining composure.

We are Doomed is set for an early 2015 PS4 launch, with a Vita version to follow afterwards. Mobeen is committed to bringing his title to the Vita, but explains that it will take longer because his is only a one man studio.

We will bring you more news on this interesting fusion of risk and colourful geometry as we have it, in the mean time why not follow Mobeen or his studio on Twitter?

We are Doomed