The RPG/pinball mash-up game Rollers of the Realm has now made its way onto the PS Vita, and to celebrate, the folks at Atlus have released a new trailer for the launch.

Phantom Compass has created a unique take on a pinball game that creates characters out of the ball. Players will have to utilize the different characters’ special abilities to make it through each of the levels and collect all the hidden treasures along the way.

Rollers of the Realm is currently available in North America for $9.99 but is on sale its first week for $8.99. European players can expect to get it on November 26 for €7,99 and will also receive a discount for the first week bringing the price down to €6,99.

  • I checked it out on PC and it’s not as good as I expected. Definitely going to skip on this one even though it should handle better on the Vita.