You want gunpla? We’ve got gunpla. You want weapons? We’ve got those too. Another round of reveals has been issued for the upcoming Gundam Breaker 2, and we’ve got the details.

Gundam Ez8, Jesta and Rozen Zulu have been announced as usable¬†gunpla by this week’s Famitsu, adding to the ever-growing list of mecha you can don. Also revealed this week was a slough of new weaponry which will be available in-game.

This list of revealed weaponry includes;

  • The Saber (easy to use)
  • The Double Saber (can perform combo attacks)
  • The Axe (capable of removing enemy parts)
  • The Great Sword (wide attack range)
  • The Lance (can penetrate a shield guard)

Sounds like some great choices, don’t you think?

Gundam Breaker 2 is currently set to release December 18th in Japan, with a Western localization unlikely.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds like some company should bring it out over here! It looks awesome.