Latest update brings a new quest, along with a host of fancy new weapons.

The newest update for Phantasy Star Online 2 has arrived, and a few days ago Sega released details of what it includes. A few months ago, Episode 3 added a new planet and new abilities for players, but we now know that this new update, which went live in Japan yesterday, includes a new quest, and rarer weapons which are known as 13-star equipment.

Firstly lets have a look at the new quest. It is titled ‘The Ultimate Quest‘ and will be accessible to players level 70 or over, so new comers to the MMO won’t have to worry about being made to looked silly in an intense battlefield. In fact it is so challenging, that Sega has recommended that players only attempt it when they have a team of 12 players. It is also important to note that the level cap has now been increased to 75.

The quest revolves around a new boss, named Anga Fandirge, who has the ability to strengthen other monsters around it. Be prepared, that even without their extra strength, the monsters will be level 80 so will provide an intense challenge even for experienced players. Anga also changes its attack pattern over time, so you will have to be extra strategic to take it down.

With the addition of extra tough monsters, Sega has also unleashed new weapons, 13-star equipment. You can have a look at the small gallery below, which shows various players wielding the new weaponry.

The new update went live yesterday in Japan, and we still are yet to receive any word on a western release for Phantasy Star Online 2. If that changes, TVL will of course be the first on the scene.

  • Lester Paredes

    Why do I keep looking at these updates? Sega is never going to bring it over. Unless it’s Sonic, it’s probably not coming over.

    • EndRant

      Same here, seeign this just pisses me off. Off they’re not gonna bring this to the states then I don’t care about these updates.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Come on, SEGA, bring it to the US already.