Fog recently put out a new press release for its upcoming PlayStation Vita port of Fuuraiki 3, and Gematsu has been kind enough to translate it so we know what’s up.

The latest entry in the Fuuraiki series, Fuuraiki 3 lets has you traipsing around the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido – this enhanced port including new story elements to explore and a brand new heroine to meet.

Here’s the story premise, copied from Gematsu’s translation so I don’t butcher it;

“Chihiro Sakiki is a rookie reporter who’s still getting his feet wet. Enamored with the land of Hokkaido, he finally makes his way there in order to participate in the “Eimeiten,” a beginner’s division that’s part of a major contest in the publishing world known as the “Shinkouten.” Considered to be the industry’s equivalent of the Olympics, after an article produced for the Shinkouten catches his eye, he finds himself drawn to join the fray, thereby entering the world of publishing.

While not without his worries, his excitement at the new adventures awaiting far outweigh those other sentiments. Unable to hold himself back, with his trusty camera on tow, he hops aboard his trusty motorcycle and heads off in search of the best photo he can take.”

As for what you actually do in the game, you take control of Chihiro – visiting over 100 areas and gathering information and pictures for his articles. At the end of each in-game day, Chihiro has to post an article about his experiences – this cycle continuing over four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, the winner of the Eimeiten is determined and the game ends.

Fuuraki 3‘s gameplay breaks down into three basic parts (again, taken from Gematsu):

  • Touring Mode: Cruise around Hokkaido by motorcycle. A stamina bar is present in the lower-right portion of the screen that you have to pay heed to, lest you’re made to end their day early. Nevertheless, you’re freely able to decide what routes to take, with diverging roads appearing on screen as they travel along the island.
  • Adventure Mode: Investigate the sights and sounds of Hokkaido, both famous and obscure, as you talk with natives from the area, other tourists, and the game’s heroines, as well as take photos for your article. Locations that you can scout out at each spot can even change across visits to them.
  • Camping Mode: At the end of your day, it’s time to camp out somewhere and run your article online. After writing your piece, which is driven by menu choices that you make, you can choose to attach two pertinent photos and then upload them online. From there, you’ll be able to view how readers have taken to your work, providing insight into your ultimate prospects at winning the Eimeiten. During this stretch of time, you may also find yourself hanging out and partying with other campers in the area.

Aside from gameplay and story details, information on some of the characters included the games has also been given.

What we know is as follows;

Chihiro Sakaki


The protagonist of the story, Chihiro is a fledgling reporter that has been moved by an article about taking the best picture, and decides to chase that dream himself.

Nagisa Aizawa


The lighthearted Nagisa is one of the game’s main heroines, and she shares similar values with Chihiro when it comes to travel. Meeting him on a ferry, she tells him that she plans to go all the way from the southernmost point of Hokkaido to its northernmost cape – and is set on completing the journey atop her 1300cc motorcycle.

Sayo Mizushina


Sayo is the second of the game’s heroines, and is shy around other people. Chihiro meets Sayo at a lake, and decides to help her overcome her shyness. Aside from this, she has been traveling around Hokkaido using her childhood photos as her guide; trying to find out about the song her music box plays.

Izumi Tomura


The game’s third heroine is Izumi, and she leads a fleeting life – ignorant even of modern conveniences like cellphones. Traveling around to different hot springs is her hobby, and it is at one of these hot springs that she encounters Chihiro. Among other things, he learns that she’s quite knowledgeable about hot springs and knows which ones are worth checking out.

Check out these screens for a closer look at the game;

…and these 1080p bullshots for a better look at the meeting of the heroines and the protagonist;

Pre-ordering Fuuraiki 3 will net you “a soundtrack CD full of carefully culled background music from the main game,” so if that sounds like your thing I’d get to ordering now – the game is due out in Japan on February 19th.

  • Lester Paredes

    While I understand why they did it (it is a toad trip game after all), I don’t like the juxtaposition of anime characters on real backgrounds. It just clashes to much in my opinion.