A Teaser Trailer for Eiconic Games’ upcoming Tower Defence game Final Horizon has been released.

The game will take place across 15 planets including an Ice planet named Ushtuk. Players will have to adapt to different strategies depending on the atmosphere of the planet, for example, a weapon such as a  chaingun will not work on colder planets.

There is no release date for Final Horizon at present, but we’ll let you know as soon as it is announced.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    They don’t show you how long the loading times will last, something every single Vita game suffers from. Its amazing, sony does not give a damn to address this at all. The don’t say a word about the frame drops either. Trust me, there WILL BE frame drops – hell the Vita suffers to deliver a flawless game, whether it’s because of its “limited hardware” or because of the lack of optimization in Unity; Take CounterSpy as an example. That game can be turned into an annoying slideshow if you trigger the alarm, AI Enemies hunt you down and you keep switching rooms. The dev knows about this and only cared about the other platforms, for there has been no updates whatsoever addressing this game on Vita.
    And Final Horizon will take the same route.

    • Pata

      Amazingly you’re getting to that conclusion from a trailer. Just because some games feature long loading times and frame drops, doesn’t mean all games will have them.

      Granted Sony should work with devs and Unity to ensure that the Vita dev tools are the most optimised possible and they also should push all the devs to ensure that the differences between versions aren’t that noticeable. But well, it’s Sony and there’s notihng we can do to change this.

      That said, this isn’t a final build, and let’s hope Eiconic bring to us the most polished experience they can give us, hopefully with no frame drops or long load times

    • WhyWai

      calm down dude… I assure you there are some great & smooth games on Vita.
      Like Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush etc etc…

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope the game doesn’t move that slow… it’s like it was swimming through molasses.