New details and a new trailer have been released as Kan Colle Kai becomes the more official Kantai Collection Kai on its road to PlayStation Vita.

According to the Kadokawa Games x From Software Fall 2014 Media Briefing, the upcoming Vita version of Kantai Collection Kai will use the browser game as its base with addition of a new user interface built exclusively for the handheld console. There will also be new in-game systems and a shift in gameplay towards “more overt strategy”, with more changes and features to be announced in the future.

Get a better idea of the game with this debut trailer;

Kantai Collection Kai is set to release in Japan this Spring.

  • dayum

    [insert comment about localisation] i need to learn japanese pronto

    • Nonscpo

      Agreed I feel like learning japanese some times when I see games I know will never get localised.