The Vita Lounge Forum user Pata has pointed out a very informational post on Soedesco’s website – one which informs about a release window for the Vita version of Teslagrad.

Forum user and past tipper Pata is back again, this time pointing out an interesting post on Soedesco’s website about the release of 2D platformer Teslagrad. The post is actually an announcement of a limited European release date for the PS3/PS4 versions of the title (December 3rd), but it also outlines the plans to bring the game to other regions – and even Vita.

Check out the important bit of the post below;

UntitledLooking at that very informative and clear chart, it appears that the Vita version of Teslagrad is currently set to be a “worldwide digital and physical simultaneous release” in early 2015. While this certainly isn’t a specific release date announcement, it’s nice to get an update on the title and some confirmation that it’ll be hitting worldwide both physically and digitally – especially with all the physical copy collectors I know are out there. 😉

Teslagrad is scheduled to hit PlayStation Vitas everywhere sometime in early 2015.


  • aros

    Fantastic news! I’ll definitely snap up physical. Hopefully 2015 is the year of smaller games starting to get limited physical releases as with old handhelds when there was no other choice, There are so many digital only games I would love to have a physical version of. Stranger’s Wrath would probably be my number one choice, although MILES from my favourite PSN title it just doesn’t seem right without a box and cart.

    I hope Grim Fandango gets confirmed as physical at the PSXE this Dec.

  • Phelan


    I might buy just because of retail edition.

  • Pata

    I will be getting the PS4 retail version next week, and will double-dip when the Vita retail version launches, just to support this risky move taken by the devs and the publisher and to show there is a (small) market for this kind of games.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Guys, have you bought your PS experience ticket?
    Is there anyone here who actually will go to the event?
    All my friends and contacts who own a Vita decided not to go.
    I guess it’s because we won’t see anything we’ve seen already on the internet.
    Plus there will be no system seller for the Vita, so why bother..?

    • Nobodyouknow3

      What makes you think they aren’t going to announce something big at that event for the vita? Anything can happen!

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        They’re worried about the undead console aka ps3 and ps4, those are at the top of their priority list, the Vita comes after their android devices. That’s why all Vita gets since 2013 are the leftovers aka ps2 ports and remakes.
        You can be sure all there is for them to show you are the indies that should have been released already, and we’re aware of them, so nothing new or big here.

        I did read what Shuman said. But what did you expect? It’s about the so-called ps ‘experience’ so it’d be really damaging for sony to mention the word experience and leave the Vita out of it. Also, it was posted on their blog, so they didn’t want a Vita vs. other platforms war in the comments.
        From a perspective of a company who’d rather pay $50 for ‘misleading Vita Ad’ instead of making their word count and support the Vita like they once said before, do you really think sony will be supporting the Vita in the future?

        • Nobodyouknow3

          Do you even own a Vita? It seems like there is more to this than Sony giving up on this system. Why would they abandon it right out of the blue?

          It would set up a lot of backlash on Twitter and Sony doesn’t want to go down that route.

          I dunno but you seem to be the only person here talking negative about the PS Vita and did you see how many digital games that came out for this system since it’s launch?

          People give up on the vita way too easily…

          • Lester Paredes

            Don’t worry much about Rodolfo. This person never has anything positive to say.

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            Yes, I do own a Vita. I play games on the Vita. I look for developers to support the platform. That doesn’t entitle me as a supporter -and I don’t care about that- I’m just a guy who’s always looking for support because I think sony won’t be able to do it anymore.

            While I’m talking negative, I’m still being realistic about what I believe is going to happen. But more than stating I’m negative, it’d be great if you could tell me why or had something else to say.
            As for your statement, people do *not* give up on the Vita. Not most of the people I know. If someone ‘gave up on the vita way too easily’, it was sony, not the community.

            Look, I’d love to get into one of sony’s employees and figure out what’s inside. No kidding. I mean, I don’t get why so much controversy; scea boss thinks the Vita is the best handheld gaming experience while scee boss thinks it’s nothing more than a ps4 accessory that has found its niche. Why can’t they get on the same page about the Vita? I don’t know.

            Answering your question, I’d say sony jumped the gun and released AAA games like Killzone and other few titles and then they stopped. Rumors said they’d given up on it but it only became official when Yoshida said on an interview: ‘fewer Vita games from now on’. I guess they did as you said, but in reverse order – give Vita the AAA games and then give the Vita away to the Indie parties. Is the Vita support time over? Well, sony did not show anything relevant at e3, gamescom, tgs, gdc, pax, egx and ecs. If scej couldn’t come up with anything in Japan, I think it’s very clear nothing *new* will be shown at ps experience. Call that negativism, but I call it reality.

          • Nobodyouknow3

            Wow, you sure like to bash anything negative about the vita just because you think you know all to well. What if they shown something new and you were wrong about it.

            What would your reaction be and I”ve seen you post in anything negative towards the vita in other articles such as this…

            Please just stop, you think you are always right. Just because you think Sony said less fewer games for the vita for first party doesn’t mean it is dead…

            I think you just created this account into baiting someone to respond to in regards to saying bad things about the vita… Just stop already… =.=

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            If I’m proven wrong, I’ll be here to say I was wrong.
            While I know I can make mistakes, I never wanted to sound so confident, so if you’re saying ‘I think I’m always right’, those words are coming out of your mouth, not mine.

            And considering sony said ‘fewer Vita games’, that was a clear warning to all developers out there, to support their CONSOLES, not the handheld, so what good comes out of that statement?

            I guess you’re focusing too much on me instead of my opinions. Don’t try to get under my skin if you can’t keep a conversation going.

          • Nobodyouknow3

            Opinions are NOT facts! When did you ever learn that?

          • Rodolfo Ferreira

            I never said it was to begin with.

  • Nonscpo