Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender DX is a remake of the PlayStation Mobile title, Aqua Kitty. The original game saw players destroy fish enemies whilst protecting Kittens from being abducted by Jellyfish type enemies.

The original premise of the PlayStation Mobile version is still here – as are updated graphics, new levels and new modes. Also included in Aqua Kitty DX is a more fleshed out story than the original game.

As the world runs out of milk resources, cats must find a new way to get milk, this is when they discover that they can mine milk underwater, naturally, the ocean wildlife aren’t happy that their habitat is being destroyed and so they retaliate by attacking and kidnapping the kittens.


The game is rather fun to play; you shoot enemy fish by pressing the X button to shoot normal ammo which is infinite, or by pressing the Circle button to use turbo fire. Turbo fire is limited and this is shown by a bar in the top left hand corner of the screen, though shooting normal ammo will slowly refill your turbo shot ammo.

There are power-ups available to you in the game, which come in the form of special enemies. Killing these enemies will give you a power-up – whether it’s a bomb which destroys everything in a certain area of the level, or a weapon which allows you to shoot in several directions at once – though these are limited-use upon collection and will eventually run out.

Aqua Kitty DX is a hard game. You absolutely should not go into this game thinking you’re in for an easy ride as the game’s difficulty levels are frustrating to say the least. A new feature that separates Aqua Kitty DX from it’s original version is the option for an easy or normal difficulty; this can be changed at any time on the level select screen, but even the easier difficulty can be rather testing of anyone’s patience.

Another part of Aqua Kitty DX that lets the game down is its graphics, as everything on the screen is pixelated and too small. This, partnered with the games difficulty, can leave any player easily frustrated – especially in later levels when the screen can often become crowded with enemies.


The game is split into 25 different levels, which are spread across 5 different areas of the game. Each area has a boss on it’s last level and these are the levels that players are likely to find the most difficult throughout the game as they must attempt to figure out how to destroy them.

Arcade mode is by far the more challenging of the gameplay modes. Instead of allowing you to jump between levels at your own pace, arcade mode instead goes from the first level to the 25th level and you only have one life at your disposal. If you die you are sent back to the first level, which can be very tedious and will even stand out for the more hardcore gamers.

There is also a wave survival mode that will be unlocked after playing the first 4 levels. This mode, which is playable in Easy or Normal difficulty, ditches the cats you have to rescue and instead focuses on the player having to blast through waves of enemies without dying. Power-ups are available for use in this mode which help, but don’t come as often as they would in normal levels.


The game has plenty of replay value. As you play you’ll notice that the level will change on the map depending on if you managed to save all the cats in one level, so there is some challenge for the completionists out there. Each level also has a high score target for players to attempt to beat, this also helps to add some replay value.

Aqua Kitty DX is definitely worth a look for gamers who love shoot-em-ups, or for those gamers who’re looking for a nostalgic throwback to games such as Defender; but for gamers who are looking for a solid pick-up-and-play game, you may be better off looking elsewhere – as Aqua Kitty DX is a game that is difficult to recommend.

Lasting Appeal
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  • italodance

    One of the best Vita games ever.i like it so much.specially like cats meow in the game.

  • Chris Boers

    I agree that this game is much more difficult than it looks at first sight. Halfway through the levels I had to switch to easy, especially to find out the weaknesses of the bosses. It’s indeed a ‘defender’ type of game, but for new gamers, it can also be seen as a ‘retro-Resogun’
    Very much fun!