Luc Bernard also reveals further details regarding his PS Vita exclusive title.

A few months ago we brought you the news that Reaper, the upcoming free RPG from British developer Luc Bernard will be a PS Vita and PlayStation TV exclusive. But after months of silence, an announcement via the PlayStation blog has revealed new multiplayer details for the RPG, and interestingly, a name change.


Death Tales is the new title and as well as being Free and Exclusive to PS Vita and PS TV, the game will also feature both online and local multiplayer features. Local co-op will be for the PS TV version, whereas online will be in the form of 2-player co-op on the Vita.

We were also given details of the different game modes within the game. There will be two separate modes which will be:

  • Story: An open world RPG. You’ll be able to play co-op in this mode as well.
  • Tales: This mode shows the inspiration behind the games new title. Tales mode has the player exploring a hub town and interacting with a variety of different characters. The town folk will assign you different tasks, which you can complete in co-op or alone. A nice addition is the fact that levels will be randomly generated, meaning a new and unique experience awaits each time you play.


For those unfamiliar with the games premise, you play as Death, who after a very long time of claiming souls from the evil and innocent alike, became depressed and lonely. So she decides to let her hair down, and falls in love with a mortal man. In her love-drunk state, Death disobeys her sisters and makes her lover immortal, thus making him the first Reaper. 

Corrupted by his new power, he quickly leaves Death, breaking her heart. Unfortunately crossing Death isn’t the cleverest of moves, and she goes on the rampage looking for revenge. She deploys a new army of Reapers, and is looking to make the world pay for her misery… and we get to come along for the ride!

We still await a release date of Death Tales, but until then here is the E3 trailer from earlier this year to keep you excited!