Kadokawa Games is planning to release a low price version of love/adventure game Photo Kano Kiss this February.

Ebikore-Photo-Kano-Kiss-Ann_001This new version of the title, dubbed Ebikore Photo Kano Kiss, will reportedly cost 3,980 yen (plus tax) on release and feature new package art (shown right). Kadokawa Games has announced that the release date for this version will be February 2nd in Japan.

First-print copies will bundle in the following;

  • “Kouga Academy Winter Uniform & Campaign Swimsuit Ver. 2″
  • “Cute Bikini & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Open Air Bath’”
  • “Private Mini-Skirt & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Footbath’”
  • “Summer Dance Wear & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Yoga Classroom’”
  • “Student Council Blazer & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Light Roadside Trees’”
  • “Former School Swimsuit & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Heated Swimming Pool’”
  • “Leggings-Type Track Suit & Love LV6 After School Date ‘Strength Measurement’”

As well as the bundling of content, this new release has spurred the announcement of new content as well; the new costume add-ons “Heartful Maid”, “Colorful Bikini”, and “Carnival Fantasy” are set to be released for the title.

Ebikore Photo Kano Kiss will be available February 2nd in Japan.

  • Lester Paredes

    Romance/adventure game? Sounds interesting.