We get more information on what patch v1.03 will bring to Sen no Kiseki II.

Remember that hefty new Sen no Kiseki II (aka; Trails in the Flash II) patch Marcus introduced us to two weeks ago? Well this week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine has dropped a ton of new details on it – including the existence of a character transformation accessory and the introduction of “Memory Mode” and the “Easy Gaiden System”.

First up is the character transformation accessory, dubbed “The Mirror of Reveries.” It can be purchased at “healing installations” and is able to be used only in the game’s Corridor of Reveries. Equipping the Mirror of Reveries will allow the player to transform into one of the following five characters, including their voices and other personal variables;

  • Rixia Mao
  • Lloyd Bannings
  • Vita Clotilde
  • Altina Orion
  • Crow Armbrust

Pretty cool, huh?

Next is “Memory Mode”, a new no-gameplay option which unlocks after completing the game. Upon activation, players can view cinematics and “Bonding Events” they’ve encountered at least once in their playthrough – giving them a second look at some of the game’s pivotal scenes.

Last up is the “Easy Gaiden System” which will also be available upon completing the game once. Able to be used in New Game Plus mode, it allows players to have character levels raised during Gaiden/Side Story segments, and to only view event scenes during them.

The release date for this patch is currently unknown; the previous word was “this month”, but we might be cutting it a little close for that.

Update; Maybe not! The patch was released across all Asian regions as of November 28th, just making it before the end of the month. 😉

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    meanwhile still no word on a translation.