Kaga Create, the publisher behind the console remake of Higurashi When They Cry has given us a sneak-peek at the game’s two opening videos.

For those of you familiar with the Playstation 2 Higurashi game, Matsuri, you will notice the opening songs are very similar, with the animation being beefed up for the higher generation console. In addition to the opening songs, Higurashi When They Cry Best will feature over 100 tracks for their OST, with theme songs from previous games in the series.

Check out the two videos below!

嘆きノ森Nageki no Mori – Forest of Grief

コンプレックス・イマージュ – Complex Image


Higurashi When They Cry Best will be released in Japan on March 12th, 2015. No details of a Western release has been announced.


  • Nonscpo

    Hmm should I watch the anime first or play the game first? Hope this gets localised.