New character and info on how to Digivolve your beloved Digimon revealed by Bandai Namco.

Over the past few months we have brought you a whole host of updates and images for the upcoming Digimon PS Vita title Cyber Sleuth. Now we have even more details, this time regarding a new character, how to Digivolve and of course, more screenshots!

So lets start with the new character, who is known as Rie Kishibe:

She is the Operating Officer of Kamishiro Enterprise,which oversees the EDEN project. Though on the outside she seems considerate of everyone around her and acts mellow, deep down she is always confident in her own decision making, and will never consider an alternative opinion once she has already decided how to approach a given situation. Basically its her way or the high way.


There is also a new Digimon know as Crusadermon:

A holy knight type Digimon and “Royal Knights” member who is king of all Knightmon. It’s goal is unknown but it is deeply involved in events that are happening in the real world. It is not labelled as either good or evil, as it has its own opinion on how to achieve “justice”. But it is important to note that it has no mercy for the weak and it is ruthless in the way it executes its missions. It seems it is up to us to decide whether its methods are just.


Next, we learn a little more about how you will scan, collect and convert your Digimon.

Your handy Digimon scanner will begin scanning and collecting data on the Digimon you find out in the field as soon as you discover them. If you gather 100 percent of the data, it is possible to convert the data in the DigiLab and watch it grow from Digi-Egg to Digimon. The higher the percentage you obtain, the better the converted Digimons base abilities.

Finally we learned about Digivolution and Rare Digivolution.

As you win battles, your  Digimons skill points and levels will increase. Of course this will enable you to Digivolve them into new Digimon of your choosing. However, each Digivolution requires certain conditions, which vary from Digimon to Digimon. But if you are impatenient and want stronger Digimon quicker, there are other Rare Digivolution methods. You can cause Digivolution and then De-Digivolution of a Digimon to beak through level caps, as well as training up latent skill points. Some Digivolutions require certain items.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is set to release in Japan during Spring 2015. As Bandai Namco seems to love teasing us, TVL will be on hand as soon as any further details are announced. For now though, you can check out the full gallery of new screenshots below.



  • Nonscpo

    Would be amazed if this got localised after all the years of neglect I feel the franchise has suffered from in the west.

  • Lester Paredes

    So pretty… I want it… please come west… or at least release an absurd (because it wouldn’t make any sense, though similar events have happened before) English translation in, China, or somewhere that i can import from.

  • coco_wolfie

    imagine if that came here. imagine seeing a vita bundle, i think the box art would draw a lot of people, hmm i might need to persuade namco 😉 *anybody got a million? ._.*