Here we take a look at what games will be gracing both European and North American shores this December for the PlayStation Vita.

Although the Festive period appears to be rather quiet on the new releases front, we all know that some games can appear out of the blue and release on our favourite handheld with only a few days notice. Here are the key titles that we can expect this month;

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy

Release Date – 2nd December (US Only)


In Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, you play the role of a well-spiked luchador, running around with three of your friends and punching and pile-driving the ever-loving spit out of anything that looks at you funny. Your main opposition will be Decoders, monsters which have governed your world for a long time, but after twelve years in your secret hideout it’s time to come and show them what you are made of.

Every foray into the wider world is a chance to grab weapons, rack up some levels, and pump up your skills, even at max level you won’t be able to fill out every branch on the skill tree, so you need to figure out how you want to customise your style, whether it’s punching, sword-fighting or shooting and it all depends on which character you’re playing as. The weapons can be used as they are, used to enhance the ones you’ve got, or you can convert them into completely different.

Final Horizon

Release Date – 2nd December NA / 3rd December EU


One of this month’s PlayStation Plus titles, tower-defence game Final Horizon, is a cinematic experience right from the beginning as the sun breaks over the Horizon of Vega Delta. Your journey will take you to 15 planets across the three solar systems with the 3D level select menus. With more planets than Destiny, you will face the insect-like Swarm from the deserts of Nhandu, on the sub-zero Ushtuk to the alien worlds of Kondoi.

Each planet has it’s own personality that affects the gameplay. The ice planets are so cold the mechanical Chaingun won’t function so you’ll need to bring the heat with the ‘Afterburner’ flamethrower. There are five different Killstreaks across the planets and the Swarm will attack in ever more ingenious and deadly waves.

Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut

Release Date – 2nd December NA


Originally available as a PSM title, Rock Boshers DX (a retro “8-way directional puzzley arcade shooter) is a game features you as a young Queen Victoria, who has grown tired of performing her Royal duties and she sneaks away to the recently populated colony on Mars. Once there she is betrayed and forced to work in the Martian mines with her fellow companions, and it’s down to you to help her fight her way across Mars and attempt to escape back home!

Flyhunter: Origins

Release Date – 9th December NA / 10th December EU


In Flyhunter Origins, you play as clumsy space ship janitor Zak an alien from the planet Burgarol 3, whose dream is to become a legendary Flyhunter. He works on the universes most renown Flyhunter ship, which (naturally) is named ‘The Frog’.

The game begins whist ‘The Frogs’ crew are in cyro sleep, when somehow the ships precious cargo of rare insects are mysteriously jettisoned into space, eventually crash landing on earth. As the legendary Flyhunters are all in cyro sleep, it is up to Zak to save the day, and swap his brush for a awesome fly swatter!

La Mulana EX

Release Date – TBC December


The protagonist of La Mulana is Lemeza; a whip-wielding tomb raider, similar to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Lameza’s job is exploring the tomb within La-Mulana – and that’s where the game takes place. Doctor Lemeza is an Archeologist who comes to this Land with only his trusty whip and a research PC. Helped by e-mails from the tech-savvy elder of the tribe that protects the Ruins of La-Mulana, Lemeza must avoid traps, solve puzzles, and reach the very end of the Ruins.

Tetris Ultimate

Release Date – TBC December


The game that needs no introduction, Tetris Ultimate,  includes both single player and multiplayer modes, including 6 different modes of play (5 reborn from previous fan favourites) and a worldwide leaderboard – it’s nothing short of the best Tetris experience on the go!

Let us know in the comments which of these titles has your eye and why – we will be back at the same time next month for a look at January’s releases!

Until next time, why not take a look at Tyler and Kyle’s awesome set of videos that look at the PlayStation Vita titles that we can expect in the coming months here?

  • Lester Paredes

    Not much for me to look forward to this month. Oh well, Grim Fandango comes out next month, and I count the days in anticipation.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Not even one retail title, this is why the PSV has a negative image that still can’t shake off. Thankfully, next month will have some awesome stuff like Grim Fandango and Atelier Ayesha+~.

  • Tomáš Tommy Bariš

    Games for kids ..