As many know we are big fans of Curve Studios here, so it’s always pleasing to see when they are working on more games for the Vita and that’s exactly what we learned today with the announcement of Ultratron!

Marking the second timed that Curve have worked with Puppygames – who also created Titan Attacks, which is on PlayStation Plus this month – Ultratron isn’t a direct sequel to that but is inspired by Robotron and other classic shooters and boasts upgrades, co-op and a difficulty level which adapts to the skill of the player, whilst throwing in a dash of risk and reward gameplay.


Featuring more than 40 levels, the objective is to avenge the human race as you blast your way through over 40 glowing neon levels, avoiding Chasers, Turrets, Minelayers, Spawners, bombs and bullets before taking on the four evil ‘bot bosses of the Apocalypse.

Ultratron is a pure arcade experience which Curve say is perfectly suited to portable gaming on the Vita, and joins puzzler Nova-111 in Curve’s 2015 line-up. We will bring you more news on the game as we have it!