It was a bit of a shock when it was revealed that the PS4 exclusive Resogun was being ported to the PS Vita, but now it seems as though its launch will be imminent. Sony has announced today that the game will be released for both the Vita and PS3 ¬†on December 17 in Europe and December 23 in North America. Soon you’ll be able to save the humans on any of the PlayStation consoles.

In order for Climax to bring the Housemarque classic to the older consoles, they inevitably had to make some comprises. In addition to reductions in the graphic fidelity, the biggest compromise will come in the frame rater. While Resogun runs at a smooth 60fps on the PS4, it will be locked to 30fps on the Vita. This is somewhat unfortunate but hopefully it will still be a smooth experience since the frame rate will be locked.

Resogun will also be Cross-buy across all three platforms. If you own it already on the PS4, whether through purchase or as a free game on PS+, then you’ll be able to download it for free when it’s released. Otherwise it can be purchased for $14.99.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I find really sweet that PS4 exclusives are finally coming over where we need them!, so much joy from this

    • vongruetz .

      The Vita has one of it’s exclusives head to the PS4 (Tearaway) and so it’s only fitting that a PS4 exclusive come to the Vita.