Japanese PC developer Whirlpool have announced that they’re bringing over their visual novel JustyxNasty: Maou Hajimemashita to PS Vita in spring 2015 thanks to GN Software.

JustyxNasty takes place at Sousei Zouma Academy, a merging of two distinct schools as a result of lowering birth rates. These schools, Sousei Academy and Zouma Academy – structured to bring up heroes and demon lords respectively – were in extremely close proximity to one another, making conflicts between each school’s students a common occurrence. Nevertheless, just because all of the students are under one roof doesn’t mean the fighting has passed; even the headmasters of the two schools are unable to get along.

Players are put in the shoes of a young man who’s trying to become a demon lord at the behest of his father and is forcibly transferred into Sousei Zouma Academy to take part in its gifted student program, right when the fighting on both sides is about to reach their boiling point.

The story line is written by Koroya Kimura, with character designs by Mamizu Mikagami and chibi character designs by Retoma Kuro. Being as it’s a Vita port, odds are we will have some things edited out given the content of this game.

The game comes to us in two different editions. The standard edition is priced at 5800 yen digitally and 6800 yen at retail. The deluxe version, meanwhile, has no set price as of yet, but is announced to include an original drama CD and a “deluxe school calendar.”

JustyxNasty is coming to Japan in the spring of 2015, and we at The Vita Lounge will keep you posted on any other news we get on the title.


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  • Lester Paredes

    JustyxNasty… Typically funny Japanese English. Lol

    • Nobodyouknow3

      It’s definitely nasty! xD

      • Lester Paredes

        Oh really? I thought it was just typical Japanese ‘English word because it’s cool’ deal. I guess a quick google search is in order.

        • Nobodyouknow3

          Actually, I was just joking around on that, LOL.

          • Lester Paredes

            It’s got a few raunchy images, but nothing most anime games do t do. Lol

  • Nonscpo

    Okay so here’s another game that begs to be localized, dammit we cant keep waiting on Sekai Project to localize everything. I need to figure out a way to start my own localization company and bring all these Visual Novels outside of Japan, on second thought Id be happy with just bringing out a few them out here; preferably on Vita!

  • Hamzawesome

    Well, that’s something I’ll most definitely not play in public.