Liam brought us news a few days back detailing the new characters featuring in Sword Art Online: Lost Song and now we get our first look at them!

Dengeki Online has released an online preview of Sword Art Online: Lost Song that gives us a look at the two new characters, Strea and Argo.

Strea, who is voiced by Sachika Misawa, enters the Alfheim Online setting as a Gnome character – still donning her sword from Sword Art Online. Strea can join you on your quests as a NPC.

Argo (voiced by Shiori Izawa) is a long-time friend of Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. Argo gave nicknames to both Kirito and Asuna, re-naming them Ki-bou and Aa-.Chan respectively. Argo was a valuable information dealer known as Argo the Rat in SAO. In Alfheim Online, Argo is a Cait Sith who likes to use a hand-to-hand fighting style.

Due to release in Japan on March 26th, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all the news on Sword Art Online: Lost Song as and when it happens!

  • Jabyar

    Where those characters in the anime??? I don’t remember any of them and didn’t read the manga.
    By the way, Kibou means hope in japanese 😛

    • Nonscpo

      There game original charachters, Strea as I recall has been a part of the cast since the original PSP game!

    • BRS25

      Argo appeared in one ep of the anime, but kinda never showed up again. lol