Get ready to pimp your PS Vita, God Eater style!

Rage Burst, the expansion of God Eater 2, is set to hit  Japan stores on February 19th, and ahead of the anticipated release developer Bandai Namco have revealed a host of God Eater inspired limited edition Sony consoles. But these special designs aren’t just limited to the PS Vita, PS4 and even the PS TV will also have their own editions. Sorry PS3 owners!

The PS Vita version will come in two colours, Glazier White and Jet Black. Included with each will be a special Rage Burst sleeve and download code for an exclusive God Eater theme on your PS Vita. They will be unleashed in Japan on February 4th, and will cost 20,980 (£112.67/$176.90) Check them out below:

GodEater3 GodEater4

Similarly, the PS4 editions will also come in either black or white, and will also include a download code for an exclusive Rage Burst theme on your console. It will retail for 41,980 yen (£225.19/$353.97) plus tax.



Finally, the PlayStation TV is also be getting some God Eater 2: Rage Burst love. It will release on the same date as the PS Vita and PS4 version and cost 16,280 yen (£87.33/$137.28) plus tax.


Much like the game that inspired them, these limited edition consoles have only been announced for Japan, so we wait and see whether they will ever reach our shores. What do you make of the designs? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, it’s pretty. I want it!

  • Certainty looks pretty, but I think I’ll stick with my current Vita and the $6 skin I bought off eBay xD

    • Slizarus

      Yeah, every single time I see a cool console look or color and I already have the console.. I just think about skins 😀

  • Buckybuckster

    Very, VERY nice. You know more and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that there are infinite realities representative of all possible conclusions.

    If so, how unlucky are we to end up in one of those realities where the west is continually deprived of swag like this? Pretty disheartening I tell ya!

  • Nonscpo

    Forget the sweet upgrade, just localize the damn game already BandaiNamco 🙁

    • +1,000,000

      Yes, the consoles are ok, though I prefer my tech to be simple, design-wise, but I just want to play the game. The PSP version was sublime.

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  • Benny Chen

    Great for fans!