For the first time since the announcement of the game’s name we get a new trailer for Lost Song that isn’t a TV spot.

This new trailer shows off the unique environments available in the ALfheim Online world, the ability to fly, air battles (boss and monster), character designs, and gameplay – pretty much everything that makes the title an upgrade and/or different from Hollow Fragment.

Check it out below;

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is due out in Japan on March 26th, with no word on a Western localization (yet).

  • Himanshu Goel

    I want this so badly T-T

  • Konohana Lucia

    march 2015 on japan, how long would it take to be on west =.=

    • I assume that we’ll get the game in the west several months after it releases in Japan.

      • Konohana Lucia

        lets assume 2-4 months well it depends

  • Kay Krate

    I’m getting the English sub version from Play Asia , But since its expensive I’m getting one version. Which one should I get PS3 ver. Or the Vita ver. ?

    • I suggest going with a PS3 version, since I assume that it’ll be easier to play due to the fact that you get to use the gamepad with regular sized dual analogs.

      However, if you want to play the game on the go, buy the Vita version since it’s easier to transport than PS3 🙂

      • Kay Krate

        Eh , I’ll have to wait. Hopefully they announce the differences between the versions. No hurry , its a pre order :p

        • Good plan! If there’s a difference (and PS3 version seems better to me) I might actually pick it up on PS3 rather than Vita – I don’t travel in the first place xD

          • Kay Krate

            Yes , especially the online multiplayer. I don’t think the Vita will have online multiplayer. I think I’ll go with the PS3 version since the console better is always than the handheld version (Like 90% of the time). Still , I’ll wait for the trailers/announcements :p

          • If the Vita doesn’t have multiplayer then I’ll probably skip the entire game (yup, I’m that guy). I’m against favoring one platform over the other when it comes to game’s features that are clearly possible on both platforms.