We get news from Idea Factory International regarding updated release dates for the European versions of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation.

Remember that post from three weeks ago when we announced the release dates for the North American and European versions of Re;Birth2? Well, it’s not entirely accurate anymore – at least when we’re speaking of Europe.

Idea Factory International issued a press release today which notifies of a new set of release dates for both editions of the game in the region – moving the release date for the physical version from January 30th to a week later on February 6th, and bumping the digital version from January 28th to two weeks later on February 11th.

The release date shuffle – got to love it, right? 😛

  • Nonscpo

    But its only by a week though, Im sure it wont play a factor for most people.

  • Not long enough to deter me – I do hope that if a special edition is released that they do a better job of it than last time, where scalpers scored the lot at $60 a pop before selling them on Ebay for $400 +. It really doesn’t serve loyal fans well when a company is willing to let its goods get hijacked by people who have no interest in the games so that those who do get royally screwed over.