Koei Tecmo has updated their Atelier Ayesha Plus website with a sixth pack of screenshots.

In some of the screenshots you can see some of the alternative outfits available for the main characters, like Ayesha’s pink dress.


There’s still about a month until the game releases on the Playstation Store January 13th, but in the meantime check out the new screenshots below. You can also check out Koei Tecmo’s new Atelier Ayesha Plus website for more screenshots and game information.


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  • Lester Paredes

    Looks good.

  • I guess I know on what I’ll spend the money that’s left in my PSN wallet.

  • Johhny Ridden

    I’m looking forward this game, but I’m a bit concerned that many titles are starting to lineup for early 2015:

    Grim Fandango
    Neptunia Re;Birth2
    Criminal Girls: Invite Only

    Not looking so good for my wallet…