Square Enix announces new entry to the franchise in time for it’s 25th Anniversary

Very little is known about the title as of yet, however it is confirmed that the SaGa will release in 2015 on Vita, at least in Japan.

A short teaser, confirming the games 2015 date can be seen below.

For more news on SaGa, keep your eyes peeled to The Vita Lounge!

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  • Chris Boers

    That teaser told me exactly nothing, so except for the name, which could even point to a new iteration of a Candy Crush game, we actually know nothing yet. I’ll hold my enthusiasm until we hear more.

  • Lester Paredes

    Yay? Out of the three SaGa games I’ve played, I’ve enjoyed none. So, I don’t know if I should be excited or not. Oh well. At least Squeenix is showing some kind of support by bringing a game no one asked for, instead of the few people are constantly clamoring for… Well, at least it’s a new game and not a rehash.

  • Buckybuckster

    It’s funny how peoples opinion of a developer can change with time. Not to long ago, a announcement of a SE game exclusive to your system of choice would be met with due reverance. Now it does little more than to effect the raised brow of suspicion aimed squarely (yuk yuk) at them.

    While I do have my own concerns and reservations, I’ll be looking forward to the game ( depending on the possibility of localization of course). One thing’s for sure, the game’s quality had BETTER be of a high enough caliber to make up for not giving us a Vita FF Type 0.

    • Phelan

      Actually… they can blame for it only themselves.

      1. Type-0 blunder
      2. Decision to bring from iOS Chaos Rings (had very poor reception even in JP)
      3. Another mobile F2P game to Vita named Rise of Mana
      3. And yet another F2P game from mobiles named Deadman’s Cross
      4. After people were pissed off because of what they did with Type-0 they ended up with idea of bringing Type-0 Agito to Vita. Which pretty much was retarded cousin of MH genre.
      5. Decision to cancel Agito… well officially it is “delayed” till we change our mind.

      They can blame only themselves, for how people treat SE nowadays. Since Sakaguchi left in 2001 it is not Square Soft we loved :/

      And as for SaGa… I won’t jump with joy. It might end up being another F2P pay-to-play title (all the bravest). Unless I see something as good as Type-0 (which on PS4 has Vita level graphic)… they can kiss my…. well… actually… I don’t want them kissing me anywhere… at their current stage it would be disgusting for me.

      • WhyWai

        totally agree.. I never play SaGa before, but it seem quite fitting as a F2P game…

        • Phelan

          Don’t get me wrong.

          SaGa series is great, though you can find better parts and worse parts…Romancing SaGa is in terms of system close to FF games, SaGa Frontier had some pretty cool ideas like hand drawn maps. There was also 3 SaGa game that were released in West under the name of Final Fantasy Legends.

          So it’s not like there is no potential in SaGa titles. Still… Kawazu had various games in his portfolio… from nice Frontier 2, to average Last Ramnant… to bad Unlimited SaGa…

          So he is kinda jack in the box… and it doesn’t help me to trust them when I see current state of Square Enix… which focus on mobile phone games, ports and F2P games.

  • It’d be nice to see more than a couple of blurred images and two lines of text.

  • Crossing fingers for a localization. I played some SaGa games, and I love SaGa Frontier 2. The artwork is good but Square could give us some more than that T_T

  • Johhny Ridden

    Right now I don’t trust SE after all the disappointments they have given Vita owners. I’ll wait to hear more about this game before raising any expectations for it.

  • Ninjaman999

    If its a Romancing Saga port, Im donna die <3___<3

  • Oliver

    I wouldn’t mind more HD remasters of Final Fantasy games. Any one between I-XIII (Excluding X and X-2, of course). Since PS3 games are being ported over to Vita, Final Fantasy XIII wouldn’t be asking too much, right? They don’t wanna make new games for Vita so why not remaster some old ones like the PSOne games?