A holiday raid event that allows you to take on Santa for the free-to-play Destiny of Spirits is currently available.

In the raid you can fight a different boss each day with the final boss being Santa Claus himself. Santa’s elves are not separate enemies, but instead the elves and St. Nick are considered to be one spirit within the game. Tsukuyomi, Iyatiku and Verdandi – three spirits that are already in the game – have Santa versions available that gifts them different costumes and abilities.

If you manage to defeat enough Raid bosses you will unlock Santa Claus as a light spirit. This version of everyone’s favourite red-suited, bearded man uses ‘A Present for You’ battle skill that will deal heavy damage and ‘Children’s Dream’ a skill that will increase your ability to perform a counter attack.


The ‘Holly & Jolly’ event for the game is live now and will run until December 24th.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Aw.. considering this update is coming today, it should last until the end of December.
    And BTW is Santa Claus a Holy Spirit? Hmm it will be a challenge to fight him after lv. 9, unless I’m given a Bad Luck consecutively, which is unlikely to happen.

    • José Juan Regalado

      And the appearance rate of Santa is so low, i got 150 bosses defeated and only 5 Santas U_U