Ackk Studios has released four new videos that show pre-alpha footage of its upcoming 1990s-style RPG YIIK.

The developer has noted that although a lot of the turn-based combat is shown in these videos, this is not yet complete with Ackk Studios saying ‘Battle backgrounds need to be completed still, and we need more attacking cameras (and attacks), and more unified menus‘ Ackk Studios has said that it will take them until about Christmas to ensure that the game’s battle mode is in a ‘glorious’ state.

While they are hard at work improving upon their game, why not check out the trailers below. Including previews of the YIIK‘s Pyramid area, ‘Magic Carpet Puzzle’, ‘Soul Space’ and a pre-alpha boss battle – there should be something here to keep everyone entertained!

Be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for further news regarding YIIK as and when we have it!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ll have to watch these later. It certainly looks promising.