It’s time to save the last humans, on the go!

PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun has finally hit the PlayStation Vita just over a year after it’s debut, but does the popular shooter hold up on the less powerful Vita, or does it crumble?

Most people who bought a PS4 at launch will have already experienced Resogun, especially as it was one of the first PlayStation Plus titles. The general reception of the game was fantastic, with many still calling it the best PlayStation 4 game available right now.


The launch of Resogun on PlayStation Vita comes as a surprise as developers Housemarque have been quoted many times that the game’s particle effects were simply only possible on the PlayStation 4, however Climax Studios, who were also responsible for bringing Dead Nation to the Vita have managed to port the game for the handheld.

Essentially, Resogun is a twin stick shooter which sees players going around a spherical level blasting through waves of enemies and saving Humans along the way. Each level has it’s own unique boss, they all have their different weak spots and the challenge is finding the best strategy to defeat them.

You play as one of three ships, each with their own different stats, across 5 different levels blasting through waves of enemies whilst saving humans, which are identified as small green people. Saving humans gives you upgrades such as bombs, overcharge, points or extra lives, which will come in handy.

There are several types of different enemies to blast through with tricky ones including X-shaped enemies that split into multiple enemies when you shoot them as well as turret enemies which you’ll have to venture to the bottom of the screen in order to kill them.


The major concern going into the Vita version of Resogun was how the game would perform on the Vita due to the lower power of the Vita compared to the PlayStation 4, and I’m pleased to say that the game runs perfectly. Minor changes to the Vita version include a new control layout, and it’s a layout that actually feels better compared to that of the PlayStation 4 version.

Resogun has 4 difficulty modes, with 3 of them being unlocked from the get go, Rookie, Experienced and Veteran are there to test your skill, with a Master difficulty being unlocked upon completing the game on Experienced.

Oh, and did I mention that Resogun looks stunning on Vita, because it certainly does! There has been absolutely no graphical compromise to the Vita version, and by comparison looks just as good, if not better on the Vita’s OLED screen.

The soundtrack to Resogun is epic, adding the perfect sound to a Science Fiction style shooter, the main theme definitely has Star Trek theme vibes to it. Each level also has it’s own tune which often adds suspense and helps to add to the atmosphere to the game.

Also available is a Multiplayer Co-Op mode, this can be done via Online or via Ad Hoc and it runs perfectly, it’s also incredibly fun to play with another friend.

Resogun is also a Cross-Buy title with Cross-Save built in, so owners of the PlayStation 4 version will already own the Vita version and can transfer their progress over, there is also a separate trophy list so you can enjoy unlocking all of the trophies again.


Leaderboards are also present in Resogun which add a competitive edge to the game, you can go against your friends or the world in order to prove you’re the best Resogun player in the world, but this does nothing other than allow bragging rights.

There are some features missing from the Vita version at present, the create a ship mode and the Heroes expansion are currently unavailable, while not a huge loss, it would have been nice to see these be made available on the Vita version.

Resogun feels absolutely perfect on Vita, it has undoubtfully transferred over to Vita with absolutely no compromise at all, fans of the game will be impressed with the performance of the game and will likely become addicted to it once again, it is a gem of a game and being able to save the last humans on the go is one of the best ways to spend time on your Vita.

Lasting Appeal
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Vita enthusiast and once declared as 'Champion of the Vita', Liam's love for Sony's handheld know's no bounds. He's happy playing most Vita titles and most recently found himself enjoying indie titles, but will totally give you a good run for your money in any beat-em-up
  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Fantastic game. Worth mentioning though that the Vita version’s frameable has been halved from 60 to 30fps.

  • Buckybuckster

    Dispite having spent nearly $200 on Vita games over the past 3 weeks (I know…it’s an illness), I’ll be picking this one up as soon as it’s available. So so happy it’s a quality translation. A PS4 to Vita port could have so easily ended up being a complete mess.

    Thanx for the review Liam!

  • James Ev

    I’ll download this right away!

  • Flynn McTaggart

    Probably worth mentioning that Metacritic has your guys’ review for this at 50/100, because hey, Metacritic.

  • Uzair Syed

    My favorite PS4 game! You said there’s a separate trophy list and that there is cross save but can you transfer the trophies over via that cross save like Sound Shapes? Shame Heroes is missing. Survival mode is so awesome!

  • Lester Paredes

    Aw man. It’s already available in Europe. So jelly of my EU Vita comrades right now.

  • Artur Godlewski

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the port – it is basically a portable version of a stunning PS4 game, with only apparent concession being the halved framerate (which is not a big issue, really). However, looking closer it is clear a lot of things seem ‘faked’ or simplified, i.e. the particles, dynamic shadowing, lighting, etc.

    Still, it’s really incredible that it looks and runs so well, not to mention it’s free because of PS+

    Hope to spend many hours in this version!

    • Uzair Syed

      Do the trophies transfer over when u cross save or do u need to earn them again?

  • coolgamer

    cool, thank you for your review. i own a ps vita 1st gen, and shooters are probably my favourite genre (ahhh, Thunder force I-II-III-IV on sega genesis/megadrive… i miss them), it’s good to know that the portable version is that perfect.

    now, let’s wait for the 2/5 and 5.5/10 scores from all the haters at poly-gone..I&G&N, games/pot, and 100 other websites whose mission is praising anything from xbox, and bashing anything from sony, specially the exclusive titles.

    i already imagine:
    I&G&N : “ohhh, this shooter brings nothing new to the shooter genre: 4/10”
    poly-gone: “ohhh, at only 30fps, instead of 60fps on ps4, the game is not as good. also, we would like the ps vita to have a 15″ screen, and 200h battery: 5/10”
    games-pot : “ohhh, all those small bullets, on a 5 inches screen, are really hard to would surely play much better on the 3ds 4″ screen.also, i wish sony had offered a 65″ 4k lcd to anyone who would buy the psvita game: score: 5/10”

    and there we have, 1 week later, and 40 poor reviews from some of the haters, resogun psvita has a 55% score at metacritics, and because of those bad reviews, the game will only sell 30% of what it could have sold, with fair reviews.

    conspiracy ? no, life. experience. since 2005.

    • Jabyar

      Project Root is coming to Vita too πŸ˜‰ Seems interesting!

      • ultraviolet

        i think we should be more looking forward to the soon released: Soldner-X: Final Prototype

  • Slizarus

    Crossbuy, eh? Fantastic, means I already have it. Sure it was a launch title but it is indeed great, definitely the most fun ship shooter I’ve played this past year besides Velocity 2X which is plenty different πŸ™‚

  • ultraviolet

    as a big fan of the PS4 version i wasn’t sure about a Vita version, but, after playing it i’m more than happy with it, just going to try the PS3 version now….

  • XtemmA2

    I Approve!

  • Chris Boers

    Couldn’t agree more. Really shows the potential of the ‘PS4 in your pocket’, and plays like a dream!

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Completely agree with this review, Liam. While it may not be quite so extravagantly gorgeous or as silky smooth as it is on PS4, Resogun on Vita is nothing short of a triumph! πŸ™‚

  • GraphicalGraphicsPS4

    As much as I agree the Vita version is amazing and feels like Resogun…to say there were no compromises porting it over isn’t accurate.

    As stunning as it looks for Vita, there’s less particles, less enemies on screen at once, shaders dumbed down, Overdrive weapon is basically a sprite-based graphic and texture quality is of course lower. But, it all is quality enough to look amazing still for Vita. πŸ™‚

  • Kamil MichaΕ‚ Ciura

    Game is great, but there ARE compromises to be honest:

    -Resolution is lower, obviously. It would be great if game would run at native qHD (no point in going beyond it), but it does not, it uses sub-native, upscaled framebuffer. Game have softer look because of it.

    -Frames per second is locked at 30, compared to 60fps of original. To me, it makes game feel a bit less responsive, and it doesn’t have as fluid feeling. But Climax did great job at porting, I never noticed any fps drops, torn frames, or unconsistent response of controls – it’s truly locked 30 fps, no matter of scenario!

    -Particle/alpha effect resolution is pared back too, they are more pixelated

    -Less voxels on screen with shorter vanish time

    Don’t get me wrong, this is great game and great port. I bought it day one. Played it numerous times before on my friends PS4 too, and difference is noticeable. PS3 version also comes as cross buy, and it is a bit closer to original, especially with higher resolution (don’t know for sure but I think it’s 720p at least), and particle/alpha effects not so pared back. I also tried Vita version on PS TV hooked to same dispaly as PS3, out of curiosity, swapped HDMI inputs to compare, and you can clearly see the difference in favor of PS3, too. But saying that, I must admit, Vita version even on large screen still looks and plays good enough to consider it as a viable option of experiencing the game, and that’s saying something. And this is a must have for any PS4/PS3/Vita/PSTV owner out there!

  • ultraviolet

    Worth a mention that cross-save only works with the PS3 version not as stated with the PS4