Steins;Gate is coming to the West sometime in 2015 and hopefully it will be more than just a digital download.

Geraint Evans, the head of marketing for Steins;Gate‘s publisher PQube, recently told a number of gaming outlets that he is opposed to having the game come out as a digital-only title. They are looking hard into trying to get the game available in a physical form at retail as well, but as of right now there is nothing official.

The game is currently available on PC with the English translation done by JAST USA. When asked if the PS Vita and PS3 translations would also be handled by JAST, Evans could not confirm that at this time.

We’ll have more information on Steins;Gate as we get closer to launch later in 2015.


  • Buckybuckster

    Hopefully this will happen. The Vita can always use more physical games to increase it’s retail presence.

    As long as it’s an actual physical game and not some stupid download voucher as was the case with Minecraft. I feel like such a dope for waiting a month to get the retail copy thinking it would be a cart I could stick into my Vita. I kinda feel I was mislead. When you say a game’s going to have a retail version, a piece of paper with a code on it is not what first comes to mind.

    • EndRant

      Lol did they really do that? That is fucked up.

      • Buckybuckster

        I work selling games, systems, and electronics. I was so happy when the game came in. Then I saw the package contains download voucher notation on the front. It was like the box was yelling “sucker” at me.

        • EndRant

          That’s really shitty on their part, makes me not wanna get it now, not that I was gonna get it anyway XD.

          • aros

            Makes sense for Christmas, when kids will want to physically open Minecraft.

            That said, it’s a physical cart in the UK so it should be easy enough to pre-order.

  • Lester Paredes

    Been reading about this game. I’m interested. It looks like the first visual novel I can get into since Phoenix Wright and, more recently, Danganronpa.

  • aros

    Awesome news.

  • Oliver

    I like visual novel games ever since I played Phoenix Wright. It opened up the door for titles like this.