You want news on God Eater 2: Rage Burst? We’ve got a whole bunch you should really have a look at – covering the game, the demo, and more.

Speaking of the game in general, the latest Famitsu leak describes three new Aragami – each having parts on their bodies which closely resemble God Arcs. These abnormalities are reportedly due to a corruption brought on them by the Spiral Tree, and have manifested as follows;

  • Rasetsu Kongou is an Aragami that looks like a fusion between a standard Kongou and a Boost Hammer.
  • Caligula Zeno is an Aragami described as resembling a Rufus Caligula and a Charge Spear mixed together.
  • Mukuro Kyuubi is a Kyuubi variation mixed with a Short Sword.

Does that sound interesting to you?

If you’re unsure, how about we take a look at the game’s second trailer to get you a little more hyped up. 😉

Okay, so now you’re a bit more excited for the game, but what about if you’ve already played the original? There’s some good news and some (possibly) bad news.

Though the majority of God Eater 2 save data is able to be carried over to Rage Burst as is, it appears that some equipment will be replaced with the new title’s equivalent item instead of a direct 1:1 transfer.

Details regarding the transfer are as follows;

  • Items, materials, clothes, and (again) most equipment will carry over.
  • Composite cores will be converted into cash.
  • Any money will be transferred over in full.
  • Party members’ growth will be dictated by the level they were at in the God Eater 2 save.
  • Character creation will be unlocked from the start.
  • Blood Arts and Blood Bullets will be transferred over with their Awakened percentages intact.
  • Records for amounts of Avatar Card weapon usage, Aragami extermination, and times an NPC is brought into a combat party will all be kept.
  • Code Names cannot be changed.
  • Save data with a difficulty level of 7 or higher that’s unlocked will start Rage Burst at level 7 and can also attain rank 7 Kurogane.
  • Trophies for Rage Burst are being completely redone, meaning none from the original game will be transferable.

A downloadable demo for the title will be released prior to the game’s launch on February 19th (though no solid date has been announced), and will be able to support the import the the aforementioned data from the PSP version of God Eater 2. As such, it will be possible to carry over your data from the original, through the demo, and into the full game on release if you so wish.

As an additional bonus, buyers of all three versions of God Eater 2 (the PSP original, the Vita version and the PS4 version) will be able to transfer their save data from PSP to PS4 by using the Vita version as an intermediary and initiating a cross-save to sync to PS4.

Also announced this week is a God Eater series fifth anniversary presentation by Bandai Namco, set to be held on February 4 at 19:30 Japan time and live-streamed via Niconico. The event will feature the latest news on the God Eater anime, as well as other updates and special guests.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is due out in Japan on February 19th, with no word yet on a Western localization.

  • Lester Paredes

    Bamco Entertainment or whatever you’re calling yourself these days, bring it over. Please?

  • Nonscpo

    Just localize the damn game already 🙁

    • WhyWai

      Please localize it, for Vita too… this is a dangerous one. they might skip Vita release in the west…

  • kenny

    By the looks of it, the original PsP Gods Easter Burst save data cannot transfer over. I hope I’m wrong in saying that, as God Eater 2 was never localized to begin with.