By now, everyone who plays the game with any seriousness must know that there is some disparity between the PS Vita and PC version of Mojang’s block building masterpiece – but this difference, although perhaps a tad annoying, does offer us a great look at what to expect somewhere down the line.

Scottish developers 4J Studios have issued many updates to the console edition, bringing it ever closer to the cutting edge PC version – but as for this most recent patch, it brings us to the equivalent of PC v1.6.4.

One of the more common things I see being asked is about when we will see Horses and thankfully that answer is now! That’s not all that’s included in this latest update however, so let’s have a look at what exactly is new.

New Mobs
Minecraft PS Vita

The obvious place to begin is with the new mobs that can be encountered. This starts with the aforementioned Horses, but this also extends to Donkeys and Mules – these types of animals being helpful in traversing vast open spaces, carrying equipment, or just tying up if you see fit.

Minecraft PS VitaYou also get a few new items to go with this useful mob, with Hay as a food source, a lead to tie the animals up, or even some Horse Armor. Give yourself a clap if you get the reference.

A second type of mob that has been introduced is the Bat, which are a passive species spawning naturally in low light environments below ground level. They don’t drop anything nor do they give experience, but it’s nice to finally have them… right?

Minecraft PS VitaAs always with Minecraft, not everything you encounter is helpful or neutral – and this latest update also has brought along Witches, Wither Skeletons and the Wither. Witches love to cause chaos and throw potions at you to inflict harm, so dispensing with them would be a good idea. Wither Skeletons are a more deadly version of normal Skeletons which typically appear in Nether Fortresses. As for the Wither, it’s a mob that you create from Soul Sand and Wither Skulls – in a similar fashion to crafting Golems. A three headed monstrosity, you’ll want to stay clear of these… unless of course you want a Nether Star (another new item). But seriously, only create these if you have to as they will decimate everything around you.

Minecraft PS Vita

Other Items
Minecraft PS Vita

A fair few other additions have found their way into this update as well;

  • Hardened and Stained clay are now available; which now means that you can craft your structures with stronger, coloured blocks instead of the highly flammable and more vulnerable wool. To do this, you simply cook the clay block in a furnace and apply a dye of your choice (the full range of colours available).
  • You can also merge Coal and Redstone into blocks if you so wish, to save some space in your storage.
  • A plethora of new gadgets are available too – with Droppers and Hoppers (which act as storage and dispensing devices), Daylight Sensors (essentially solar panels), Activator Rails, new Minecarts (with a Hopper and TNT), new pressure plates, and even Beacons (which emit a beam of light skyward).
  • You also get the use of a Redstone Comparator for those of you that are skilled with the red stuff. I’m not however, so I won’t pretend I know how to describe it!
  • Rounding off the update and celebrating in style, we’ve also been granted the use of Fireworks as well as the ability to name our mobs with the name tag!

Have you updated your version yet? What have you been looking forward to? And is there anything in the PC version that isn’t here yet which you are desperate for them to bring over ASAP?

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Good. Games like this which make me want to play it nonstop are the main reason I wonder, why is there no aftermarket Vita battery to increase gameplay away from the wall outlet? This is taking too long.
    The only thing Sony offers nowadays is a portable charger. But my original Vita charger wire got screwed so I had to buy a third party one from Amazon, and the portable charger won’t work with it so…back to the wall outlet. >.<

    • darkknezz

      Nyko Power Grip, I have one, it’s like the trigger grip but has a battery extender for an additional 5 hrs. Unfortunately, mine stopped working so now its just a trigger grip accessory I use for Killzone merc

  • Tim

    Is it out yet? I don’t see the update.