Kaga Create announced the release date of the PS Vita version of Hyakka Ryouran Elixir: Record Of Torenia Revival.

The game is based off the popular PC game which released back in 2013, and will be releasing on PlayStation Vita April 9th in Japan. For the digital version it will run you 6000 yen, the physical version bumping it up to 6800 yen, and the Limited Edition version demanding a whopping 8,800 yen.

Check out the opening movie here;

  • Nonscpo

    Yay a game we probably wont get! But never lose hope cause Steins;Gate is a coming.

    • SarcasticPersona

      Should I watch the anime before playing the game? Steins;Gate I mean.

      • Nonscpo

        Tough to say as I haven’t watched the anime yet. However given that the Visual Novel is usually the definitive version of the story, I’d say hold off for the VN first and watch the anime second. That’s what did with Dangan Ronpa, game came first and now i get to look forward to the anime 🙂

    • Konohana Lucia

      i feel you bruh, many good games are coming to vita but most of them are in japan only