New information pertaining to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’s story and characters has been revealed via some new summaries.

The summaries reveal quite a bit of information. For starters, Omnimon will be returning and he will be voiced by his originals voice actors: Chika Sakamoto and Mayumi Yamaguchi.

Hackers have also materialized in Cyberspace, causing trouble by using the Digimon to commit heinous crimes. You can read more about the impending battle and the Digi-Lab and Digi-Farm below.

Nokia and Omnimon

The battle against the hackers is intensifying, and the Digimon are getting wounded. In order to protect the Digimon, Nokia, together with her Agumon and Gabumon, take a stand to restrain the hackers. When Nokia’s feelings for Agumon and Gaumon intensify, the Digimon change into their true forms

Omnimon (voiced by Chika Sakamoto and Mayumi Yamaguchi)

Omnimon, a Holy Knight-type Digimon and member of the Royal Knights born through the fusion of the Virus Busters WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, via the earnest wishes of the people for goodness. It is a multi-type warrior with the characteristics with two Digimon. On its left arm, it has the shield and sword of WarGreymon, and on its right arm it has the cannon and missiles of MetalGarurumon.

Goro Matayoshi (voiced by Masaru Ikeda)

A veteran police inspector who refuses to retire after two years with the Police Department Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit. He has a serious obsession with “uncovering the truth” and even though he has mellowed out quite a bit over the years, he’ll use any means necessary to get to the bottom of things. His aggressive investigation methods got on the bad side of the higher ups, and he was “demoted” ahead of his retirement. He’s not well-versed on cyber-related knowledge. Since he knows Kyoko from when her dad and him were co-workers, he frequently visits her for advice.

Hackers Running Wild

Hackers who us Digimon to commit crimes appeared in Cyberspace. The hackers team up and start various conflicts to benefit their groups. The clash between the biggest gangs “Zaxon” and “Daemons” has heated up, and they’re running wild. The protagonists scramble to get the gangs under control before cyberspace collapses. And who is the mysterious figure working behind the hacker scene?

Jimmy KEN (voiced by Kouta Nemoto) – He was originally an executive of the hacker team “Zaxon,” but after deciding he wanted to do whatever he pleased, he and some other members left the group and formed the “Daemons” hacking team. Jimmy is its leader, and has a hand in various criminal acts happening in Cyberspace.

Fay (voiced by Seira Ryuu) – Part of the hacker team Zaxon’s executive staff. She has vowed absolute loyalty to the team leader and will purge those who go against the command of the group.

Digi-Lab and Digi-Farm

In the “Digi-Lab,” you can manage and train the Digimon you’ve obtained. You’ll have the option of “converting” Digimon, “evolving” and “devolving” Digimon, switching party member Digimon, and depositing Digimon into the Digi-Bank.

You can also leave your Digimon the “Digi-Farm,” a facility players can use to automatically level-up their Digimon when they’re not tagging along on their adventure. You’ll be able to select a Digimon leader, who will give your Digimon instructions in various areas like “special training,” “development,” and “investigation.” The efficiency of their actions will change depending on the leader Digimon assigned. Through “special training,” not only will your Digimon level up, but it’s also possible their parameters will increase. Providing farm goods will allow for more efficient special training. Through “development,” they’ll be able to produce items, equipment, and farm goods. And through “investigation,” they’ll be able to better support your detective duties in discovering sub-quests and wanted hacker information.

You can also feed your Digimon on the farm. By feeding them regularly, you’ll develop and deepen bonds of friendship with them.




  • Lester Paredes

    Please come west…

  • Nonscpo

    So I forget is this franchise still for kids or has the IP grown up?

    • Kuroneko

      The Japanese version of the anime had some dark themes that were edited out to make it for children. A lot of people like Digimon. Adults, teenagers, kids, etc. I’d say it is for everyone.

      • Nonscpo

        So “Sakura Cardcaptor” like edits then ?

        • Kuroneko

          Yep. They edited out some stuff.

  • WhyWai

    I hope this game be really good, and they get more budget to make sequel… It’s like a fusion of Persona & Pokemon…

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I think this game gets a lot of love. Maybe it’s one of those “hyped to the heavens and in the end not really kinda good” games?