We get introduced to new characters, screens, renders, a trailer/TV spot and more from the upcoming Japanese release of Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

The first big thing we’ve been introduced to is the three new characters that are coming to the title – named Seven, Rein and Sumeragi.

Seven is the Pooka-race avatar of a youthful Russian woman by the name of Professor Sharvin Nanairo, and is modeled after her actual appearance. A scientific genius, she and Akihiko Kayaba are often considered opposites, and as such she heads the inspirational multi-racial guild of Shamrock.

Rein is a Leprechaun-race character who deceives her appearance in being a mysterious character with excellent Hide skills. A dainty looking girl with something lurking beneath the surface, she takes to following Kirito and the others around for unknown reasons.

Sumeragi is an Undine swordsman who also happens to be Seven’s bodyguard and the leader in practice of Shamrock. His strength is supposedly the real deal, word around the water cooler being that he even bested the legendary Demonic Sword Gram.

Now you may be wondering – how do these characters fit in? Well no fear, as we’ve also got word on how they tie into the story-line… at least initially;

“Having arrived at the floating city of Line, Kirito and the other members of his party encounter a guild by the name of “Shamrock” as they go about clearing a set of new quests that have gone online. As a guild composed of veteran players across myriad races, in the world of Alfheim Online, Shamrock is a guild that people can’t help but notice.

Arguably the most conspicuous of Shamrock’s members is Professor Sharvin Nanairo, who’s in reality a petite girl. Nevertheless, her looks are deceiving. An alumni of MIT, she’s appeared in the news a lot in recent times as genius girl wonder scientist and is conducting research on virtual societies formed within networks. Put simply, if Akihiko Kayaba, also known as Heathcliff, is the darkness belying the world of Alfheim Online, then Rainbow Arshavin is its light.

Indeed, it’s by meeting her that Kirito and company’s next great adventure is put into motion. Who’s to say what impact the genius scientist will have on their lives after everything is said and done?”

It’ll be interesting to see how that plot turns out, as Kayaba was quite an influential adversary for Professor Nanairo to be the opposite of.

Moving on to other announcements, we get word of the basic actions included in the title.

  • Standard Attack – A basic attack useful for combos. You can connect these to strong attacks and sword skills.
  • Strong Attack – A more powerful attack. When used in combination with standard attacks, you can link them with sword skills.
  • Step – A step action that consumes stamina used to jump left, right, back, or forth to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Jump – A jump to reach enemies that might be a little higher than you. Mainly useful in dungeons.
    Sheathed Sword and Drawn Sword – When your sword is sheathed, you can use magic, but when your sword is drawn, you can attack with your weapon.
  • Guard – An action to block enemy attacks. However, guards can be broken if the player takes too many hits.
  • Dash – A dash attack that consumes stamina. When you’re flying, this increases the speed of your flight.
  • Use of Skills – Skills are available for use with your basic attacks and steps. When you’re using a sword, you can use sword skills for sword-based magic attacks.
  • Switch – During the middle of your attack, you can initiate a “Switch.” This is possible both on the ground and in the air, and changes the opponent’s target from you to whoever you switch with.

Most of those actions are returning from Hollow Fragment, however there are a few clear additions which have to do with Lost Song‘s new elements (including flight). It does however make one wonder, how high will the learning curve be in this new iteration? Hollow Fragment‘s was pretty high to master all the main systems, and if this one is any higher that might not be such a good thing.

Next up is some details on the game’s online mode. It has been revealed that you can choose a character and join up with up to 15 additional players in a lobby for chat, taking a maximum of 3 additional participants from that lobby into a quest with you at a time. As with moth games of this style, difficult quests yield higher rewards – so it’s best to take the maximum amount of players for the tougher jobs.

Also revealed was a new TV spot and screens (likely PS4 versions – but still), shown below;

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is set to release on March 26th in Japan, with no word yet on the localization.

  • Nonscpo

    Yay another game to look forward to in 2015!

  • Himanshu Goel

    would REALLY REALLY love an NA release for this! Come on Bandai Namco!