The European PlayStation team has posted the PlayStation lineup for January 2015. Following next Wednesday’s update to the PlayStation Store, you can download Woah Dave! and to your PlayStation Vita.

Woah Dave! is an homage to the classic arcade titles of yesteryear. As Dave, your objective is to stop the aliens that are preparing to invade the city. You’ll destroy eggs, hit WOAH blocks, and try to prevent the aliens from evolving into their ultimate form: Eye Bats.

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is a brings Duke to the PlayStation Vita. Megaton Edition is an enhanced version of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and its expansion packs in addition to the original 1996 release.

  • dozingoffnow

    That’s great and all, but still no Munch HD in my PS Store.

    • aros

      Have you searched for it?

      • dozingoffnow

        I have. Unavailable in my country for some reason or other.

  • Kamil Michał Ciura

    Great, I was going to buy DN3D anyway. I’m sure DN3D will be a blast on Vita, GBA Duke games proved it works well on a handheld device.

  • aros

    Great news!

  • Richard Tiago Fernandes

    Does Duke Nukem work on PS TV?